Higuayagua rules

Our ancestors developed social interactions that ensured that all the people would be treated fairly, justly and with respect, after all a village, chiefdom or nation is composed of clusters of people striving for a common fruitful future for their children. Our African relatives have a saying "it takes a village to raise a child", which is 100 percent true. In addition to that though, it is up to each and every single individual in the village to work diligently and with unbending intent ensuring that peace and harmony are maintained at all times.

This is the the Higuayagua way:

1) Members of our collective are not to start fights with other Taino groups or. After 30 years of bickering back and forth, these fights have produced nothing positive. Thus it is imperative that the Individual either walks away from a potential conflict or resolve it in a positive adult manner. 


2) Interactions on Social Media in particular cannot, must not be used as platforms to attack others. 

3) Higuayagua members must never amongst themselves. If two members are fighting and they cannot resolve their problem, then perhaps both members should bow out of the collective.

4) Higuayagua cannot become a turnstile. Once an individual is accepted into the group the Behikes and Cacikes will work to keep the individual engaged and informed, WE di not easily ask people to leave as we believe all things can be worked out. If a member leaves, however, he/she/they can not return to our tribe. We measure our success with the kindness and respect we give others as well as what we receive.

5) If any two or more people have a disagreement we will let our council decide how to best resolve the issue. If the issue is with a council member or members, then a special council will be temporarily installed to oversee the issue.