Taino of Higuayagua

Guiding Principle

Generation of colonization have eroed the traditional values that once made the strenght of the Taino People.

Together we as Higuayagua can strengthen our people, we will learn, collect, share wisdom, traditions, spiritual teaching, knowledge and unity with the children, the people, and the families. 

We are the First people. We are committed to the Taino people to facilitate living in a world that values unity, culture for all Taino people. Where self determination, human rights are recognized and that the people are living and working together to their fullest potential. 

We are committed to restoring traditional knowledge, wisdom and spiritual beliefs among the Taino people regardless of age or location.

Our objective:

To work together with Taino people facilitating programs restoring ceremony, language, knowledge, and spiritual beliefs.

To support Taino people potential through cultural traditional knowledge and wisdom.

To support the Rights of Taino People

To support the Higuayagua communities with understanding of one's communties history and law.