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EMPLOYEE of the Month!!!

Angel Ace Goaconax Vasquez received the Employee of the Month Award for his work as a Mentor for troubled Inner-City Youth.  

Mr. Vasquez began working with troubled teens over  3 years ago, but in reality, he has been helping his community, giving back to the people for a much longer time. He was also a Youth Worker for YouthBuild and a Street Outreach worker for SSY (STATE & SUCCESSFUL YOUTH INITIATIVE) 

In addition to these honorable duties of steering our troubled youth in the right direction, he is also a member of Higuayagua Taino of the Caribbean where he is a Council Member as well as a trusted leader. This year has been great so far in that Angel has been receiving recognition for his many years of hard work and true dedication!  Indeed Well Deserved.

I, Jorge Baracutei Estevez am proud to call him friend, brother and guide, I am proud to know such a powerful soul. Truly an inspiration.

as we say in the Taino world